Our free range chickens come from Creedy Carver,  and are fed on a special GM and additive free food. No growth promotes are used. As the chickens are free range they also forage across the pasture for grit which helps their digestion. Unlike standard broilers they are processed at between 16 and 20 weeks and are hung for 2 days. Severn Poultry based near Stroud also keep us well supplied on a daily basis…

Our ducks also come from Creedy, and are raised to the same high standards, totally free range with a nice pool to swim in..

In the quest for the highest quality free range Bronze turkeys and Geese at Christmas,  Mark visited Seldom Seen Farm, where impressed by the quality of the birds Robert and Claire Symington had produced, and having satisfied the taste buds of family and friends first, these birds are now available to anybody who likes to treat their family in the festive season.